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Schedule an interpreter or request translation services online.

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All requests are confirmed by telephone within 24 hours after they are received by LRA.

*if no confirmation is made, the services will not be provided*


Please provide the following information when making a service request:


For translation services:

  • source and target language
  • type of document (legal, medical, contract, etc.)
  • word count or number of pages of the source document
  • desired deadline for translation
  • contact information (your name, address, telephone, etc.)


For interpreting services:

  • language (source and target)
  • date & time of service
  • location of assignment (full address & telephone)
  • type of assignment (deposition, education evaluation, hearing, trial, medical, IEP, IPP, etc.)
  • case information
    • caption or name of limited English person & parties involved)
  • duration of assignment 
    • 1/2 day - full day - other (number of hours)
  • client information
    • firm name, address, telephone, contact
  • billing information
    • carrier/TPA name & address - adjuster name & claim number


You can use the contact form below to provide us with this information. We will contact you once your request is received.



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